Monday, April 18, 2011

7. Breathe Me

Be my friend

Hold me

Wrap me up

unfold me

I am small

and needy

warm me up

and breathe me

Breathe Me- Sia

We grab the first cab that comes by.

In fact, Joffrey hopped off the curb still hanging onto me to flag one down. He leaned over the seat and stated his address then gave the cabbie a fifty and told him to not look in the back seat.

He slid down the seat and faced me “You’re beautiful” he said then kissed me deeply. He trailed kisses down my neck as his hands firmly squeezed at my breasts through my shirt. A moan escaped my lips as he slides his hand under my shirt to find his way into the cup of my bra.

His hands were strong and hot and I wanted to feel them everywhere. My hand wandered up his solid thigh and when I reach goal I found him already hard. I rubbed him through his jeans and he sucked a breath through his teeth. “Get on top of my” he ordered.

He sat back against his seat and I straddled him. We started to move and I felt him buck his hips against me. Here we were in the back seat making out like a bunch of horny teenagers. I almost forgot how good this felt but we need to lose the jeans. We quickened our pace and our breath followed suit.

He started to undo the button and zipper of my jeans and I kissed him harder. He went right for my clit and rubbed it feverishly occasionally dipping into my wetness. I came almost instantly. I was about to repay the favour when the cab came to a halt in front his place.He looked at me, slid his fingers in his mouth and licked them clean “umm” has all he said as he licked his lips.

I opened the door and climbed out of the cab. I was so hot that the cold air against my skin was refreshing. He followed me, grabbed my hand and dragged me into the condo. I could barely keep up with him, as he pulled me to the elevator. For every step he took I took two and wound myself almost jogging behind him. I excited to get to his place and when we got in the elevator we went at it again.

We got to his apartment in record time and he was so cute fumbling with his keys to open the door. His apartment is typical of someone who just moved in, not really much of anything anywhere but it was clean.

The look on his face was that of a tiger stalking its prey. Before I can catch my breath he’s on me, kissing me hard as I wrap my arms around his shoulders. He takes me to his room, and I secretly thank the heavens that I had the sense to wear a matching bra and panty set.

Joffrey playfully tosses me onto the bed and I crawl over to him. I can’t wait any longer; I’ve never seen a sight like him before. His body is strong , he’s defined but not to muscle-y. I touch his chest and make my way down his body to where I know we both want me to go.

He’s wearing lulu lemon boxers which I find surprising. “Cute” I tell him before I pull them off. I’m so turned on that I need to take this to the next level. I start rubbing his cock to let him know I want to please him. I love the look on his face, the one that says he can’t wait any longer. I put us both out of our misery and give him head.

I was really nervous when it came to actually having sex, it had been a while and he was bigger than anyone I was used to. The sex was amazing.

We lay there for a while trying to recuperate, I decided it was time for me to leave before this got awkward and went to unravel myself from him.

“Stay” When I heard the word leave his lips I froze. He wrapped his arms around me pulling me flush against his body and wiped the hair from my face with his fingers. I guess the shock I felt was written all over my face, because I could see the uncertainty flash across his face like he was surprised he even said it. I turned my head, pained that I made him feel obligated to ask me to stay.

He surprised me when he placed his hand on my cheek to force me to look him in the eye “Please stay with me” he said, his lips just inches from mine. I nodded my head and he kissed my deeply. I actually felt safe in his arms like nothing bad would ever happen to me and in no time at all I was fast asleep.

I was pleasantly surprised when I felt an overflow of sensations wake me in the middle of the night. He was kissing me and playing with my clit. I was already wet when I woke up and when he pinned me to the bed and slide between my thighs it felt unbelievable. The moonlight shone through the window and highlighted the definition in his arms and shoulders as he worked me over.

The sensations were so much different. I could actually feel him, all of him. I had never had sex with someone without a condom on ever, I was always too paranoid, but this time was different. I was relaxed and enjoyed the vibrations that consumed my body. I couldn’t believe that anyone could make me feel this way. His eyes never broke my gaze; there was so much emotion between us for two people who hardly knew each other. It was different, I felt like we were really connecting.

I felt myself starting to boil over “Joffery, cum with me” He answered with a “Yes” and started pushing harder into me filling me completely and driving me over the edge, I felt a hot heat shooting inside of me as I came. His body collapsed on top of me and I began stroking his back with my nails. I could stay like this forever.

I thought back on the nights earlier events and this amazing man who was so spent he was snuggled up to me like I was a human body pillow. His breathing was shallow and even, his breath was warm against my neck as he slept. My blissful feeling was cut short as I felt him soften inside of me and his juices started leaking out of me as we laid there. I needed to wake him up so I could freshen up.

“Joffrey, baby, wake up……… I need to use the washroom” I whisper gently into his ear.

I feel him nod his head “in a minute I’m too comfortable to move” he mumbles against my neck.

“Come on baby you need to let me up” He final starts to stir and unpins me from under him. I rush into the bathroom to clean up our mess. I look in the mirror and my face is flushed and my hair is crazy. I put a little water on my face before I go back to him.

“Better now?” he asks I’m assuming he’s asking about the bathroom but I’m answering about our activities for the night.

“Umm hmm” I slide under the sheets and reattach myself to him. He starts peppering my cheek and neck with soft little kisses and I feel like I’m in a dream.

“I never do this” I blurt out of nowhere. What an Idiot.

“Never have sex?” He jokes as he smiles at me. Oh god why are you so sexy?

“No……I don’t go home and sleep with people I just meet” I smile back at him as I answer.

“Well then, I feel honored that you’d choose me to throw your good judgment out the window and sleep with.” He teases. “But you were at a disadvantage to begin with you know”

“Oh really. Why is that?”

“I’m irresistible. You were a goner before you even knew it” He says while looking at me with mock innocence.

“Well I agree that you are irresistible just don’t let it go to your head” I place a quick kiss on his lips.

“Too late” He mumbles.

I pull back and look at him “Are you from Anaheim originally?” I ask.

“No, Alberta originally. My parents and my younger brother Mitch still live there”

“Do you miss it?”

“I miss my family. But I visit them and they visit me. I spend some time there in the off season. What about you…..are you from Toronto?”

“Born and raised”


“Mom and Dad both live in Arizona, decided to move after retiring early.”

“So you’re here alone?”

“Pretty much, I have some family here that I’m close to, but I work a lot so I don’t get to see them as often as I like”

We continue our easy flowing chatter about being young and what life was like growing up. That’s when I heard the sound I’ve been dreading all night…my alarm signaling that this night has to come to an end and this dream is over. “I’ve gotta get going” I tell him before I have to peal myself away from his hard body, not before stealing a kiss.

I tried to find my clothes amongst the chaos we left behind. I was pulling my panties on when I looked up to see him looking at me with a look of desire on his face. I smiled naughtily at him “Like what you see?” I teased. “Definitely” He said in a husky voice that made me want to jump back in his bed and never leave.

“I really do have to get going” I tell him once I’m ready and he has his boxer briefs on. “Okay, I’ll walk you out…..What are you doing today?” Wishing I was here with you!!!!

Unfortunately, I had to answer with “Working ‘til 5. You?”

“Working 9-10:30” He shoots me this sly smile.

I wish. “Must be nice”

“It is” He answers with a cocky grin.

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  1. Hmmm, the whole 'no condom' thing is a little concerning - I never really clued in on the last post. Seems more than a bit reckless with a guy she's only known a few hours. Hope she doesn't have reason to regret that part of it anytime soon.


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