Monday, April 11, 2011

6. Crash Into Me.

A/N This is my first attempt with writing anything like this. It makes me blush and I am beyond nervous about how it will be received. I have actually been delaying posting it for a while so bare with me.

To the lollipop reference- I feel as though it may have been used in someone else’s story before and my sincerest apologies if it has. In this, it was inspired by a friend of mine and I trying desperately to unwrap lollipops after a dinner out with our boyfriends.

Oh and you come crash
into me, baby
And I come into you
Hike up your skirt a little more
and show the world to me
Hike up your skirt a little more
and show your world to me
In a boys dream.. In a boys dream

Crash Into Me-Dave Matthews


I bent down to straighten out my shoes. I had kicked them off in a hurry when we came barging through the door after the very heated make out session in the back of the cab.

We managed to keep our hands to ourselves as I dragged her through the doors of my new condo. We rush walked past the security desk in the foyer and towards the elevator. It felt like it took forever for those doors to open. We kept exchanging glances and suddenly shy smiles. The ding of the opening doors sounded like a gunshot announcing the beginning of a race.

In my peripheral vision I noticed there wasn’t anyone else in the car. SCORE! I quickly wrapped my arm around her waist, pull her in, press my floor number and push her against the side of the lift. Her hands were on either side on my face pulling me down to meet her lips. My hands were fumbling to undo the buttons on her pea coat. I feel like a child that can’t un-wrap the plastic of my lollipop fast enough. I resist the urge to just rip it open. DING! The doors open again freeing us from this confined space. Not that I would need much room, but I plan on doing this properly, not a 2 minute fuck in an elevator.

We break apart and I take her hand and turn left towards my door. I’m already getting my key ready so there are no more delays. Slow down or you’re not gonna last. I slide the key in the door as she leans against the wall beside me waiting patiently. Why are my hands shaking so much? I turn the key, then the door knob and open the door.


I reach in and flick the light switch on. I gesture for her to go in first. I walk in behind her watching her take in her surroundings. My apartment is pretty bare, I’ve only been here a little over a month and almost all of this stuff is rented except my bed. I bought that, and the sheets….and a new guitar, I left mine behind when I was traded.

I turn to shut the door and lock it. She’s shaking off her coat as I turn around. I quickly whip mine off then she hands me hers. I toss them both on the coat hanger. She bends over to pull off her boots and I can’t help the fact that my eyes are glued to her ass as she bends and straightens, then sets them neatly on the shoe rack. I kick mine off carelessly aiming in that general direction.

I look at her again and she smiles at me. She’s still at the entry of my apartment as though she’s waiting for permission to actually walk any further in. I can’t stay away any longer. Two strides are all it takes to close the small space between us and I kiss her urgently. She snakes her arm around my waist and pulls me to her.

Attached to her, I begin to walk forward guiding her to my bedroom. As we pass the kitchen I unravel the scarf from around her neck, she loosens her grip in my waist and begins to unbutton my shirt slowly while biting her lip. She slides the shirt over my shoulders slowly taking in every newly exposed inch of skin, then dropping it to the floor.

I am not so delicate. I grab the hem of her shirt, she raises her arms and I quickly pull it over her head, and toss it. Holy shit…. She’s wearing a black lace bra with a tiny pink rose in the middle. She takes a deep breath and I feel my pants tighten staring at her tits, looking like they are going to spill over the top of their confines any minute. I lean over kissing a trail down her neck and gently nibble the tops of each.

We cross the threshold into my room as she unbuckles my belt and I’m reaching for hers. She slides the leather of the belt through the buckle then pops the buttons on my fly. She grabs the belt loops of my jeans and starts to shimmy them to the floor and slightly brushing past the bulge in my pants and runs her hand down it.

I have hers undone in an instant and I tug them down being sure to get a firm grab of her ass on my way back up and toss her on the bed. I stand above her in my boxers reveling in the sight before me; she’s toned but soft, her hair is fanned and she looks like something out of a lingerie catalog. She’s wearing black lace panties to complete the matching set. I love lingerie….. She crawls up on her knees and shimmies to meet me at the edge of the bed.

She reaches for my chest and slowly slides her hands down to the waistband of my Lu Lu Lemon boxer briefs. “Cute” she says before pulling them down to release my now throbbing cock. I step out of them and kick them to the side. She hasn’t even touched me yet and I’m ready to explode.

I can’t wait any longer. I kiss her hard and run my hand up her back and unclasp her bra, I peel it slowly off her and her tits spring free. My hands are drawn to her already hard nipples. I play with them before grabbing a handful and start massaging. I love the feeling of real tits, their so soft.

She reaches down and starts stroking me, then pulls back to watch her handy work. She lets go just when it starts to get to intense then crooks he finger at me while patting the spot beside her, inviting me on the bed.

I R.S.V.P immediately and put my knees where she indicated and mimic her pose. She smiles than pushes me down on my back then straddles my legs. I prop myself up onto my forearms and watch as she bends over grabs my dick and slowly licks my tip. I move her hair out of the way as its obstructing my view, once I do she takes all of me in and I feel the back of her throat. “Oh Fuck”Don’t cum, Don’t cum, Don’t cum….

She continues her assault on me for a couple of minutes while I play with her tits, she turns her body so she’s at a different angle, and it feels amazing. “Oh fuck” I moan again. She flips her hair over her far shoulder so I have my hand free. I have an amazing side view of her.

I grab her ass as she sucks my dick and I slide her panties to the side and feel her heat. She’s soaked. I begin to slide my finger lightly over her slit and she sucks harder. I slowly rub her clit with my thumb as I slip one finger in and start to pump, she moans on my cock. Holy fuck. I add another finger to the mix and she starts thrusting her hips to meet my hand. After a few minutes of finger fucking her I feel her muscles start to clinch around my fingers and I work faster until she’s moaning on my cock and cumming on my hand. I’m going insane and I start to thrust my hips up to meet her mouth, she gags. That really gets her going and she starts sucking harder and moaning. Fuck, it feels so incredible. I’m going to blow. She lets me do it four more times before she removes her lips from my cock with a pop.

“You’re so fucking hot” I say breathlessly to her. She smiles at me slyly, licks her lips and places her hand gently around my shaft. She then runs her tongue down the underside of my cock slowly, teasing me, it makes me moan out load “Please” I beg. She starts to stroke me slowly, and then surprises me by taking me completely into her mouth again and down her throat and back up quickly. The change in pace feels amazing and I can’t handle it anymore “I’m gonna cum” I warn, she starts going faster, I can’t hold back any longer and explode three shots down her throat.

I flop down on my bed to catch my breath. I look at her and find her looking up at me. I watch while she licks me clean. “That was incredible” I tell her as I let out a sigh of relief. She starts to climb up my body kissing her way up my stomach and chest. I capture her lips and our tongues start to dual.

I flip her over on her back and she giggles “You’re a bad little girl” I tell her then kiss her hard. I start my trip down her body, stopping to suck and nibble on her tits. I guess I got carried away because I accidently bit the top of one a little hard and I heard her suck a sharp breathe between her lips.

“Are you ok?”I ask, she nods her head and twirls her fingers through my hair. I resume my travel and she moans when I hit the spot near the inside of her hip. She starts moaning loader as I bite and suck aggressively.

I slide my hand down her stomach past the thin landing strip of pubic hair and between her legs. I gently start to massage her clit and she starts moving her hips. I slide two fingers inside her center and replace my fingers with my tongue, sucking and rolling her clit. She’s making those sweet meowing noises and I’m hard again instantly. “Fuuuuuck” she cries as the first orgasm hits her, I look up and watch as she thrashes about wildly. I slide up her body and place the underside of my cock against her clit and start slowly moving my hips.

“Oh my God” she lets slip and her eyes roll back in her head.

“Do you want this Michele ……………Do you want me?”

“Please” she purrs.

I reach into the night stand and pull out a strip of condoms. Hopefully we’ll use them all…. I tear one off the strip and rip the wrapper.

She takes the condom from my hand and slowly rolls it on me, which I find extremely sexy. I grab her by the back of her neck and crash my lips to hers. I toss her back down on the bed and press the tops of my thighs to the bottom of hers spreading her legs and holding them in place.

“Please be gentle” she whispers nervously.

“I will” I assure her. I reach down between us and rub the wetness between her legs gently and spread it on my cock. I rub the tip against her then slowly start to push inside. “Holy Fuck” She’s so tight and hot that I feel like I’m going to black out. She sucks in a breath and holds it for a minute. My face is next to hers and I turn to look at her, waiting for her to breathe again to signal we’re good to go. When she does I pull out and slowly slide back in again. This time she meets me, I look her in the eyes and she bites her lip, we start to speed up the pace and in no time our bodies are working each other into a frenzy.

She surprises me by flipping me on to my back and riding me.

“Yeah……… ride me ………harder………..Oh fuck”

Her tits look amazing jiggling while she rolls her hips and holds onto my thighs. I can feel her starting to clamp down around me.

“Come for me.” I say breathlessly. She needs to come soon before I do.

She quickens her pace then losses control.

“Joffrey……….Joffrey……… fffuuucckkkkkk”

Her body flies forward as she cums and I ride out her orgasm and hold her against my chest as she moans. I pound up into her furiously when she clamps down again in another orgasm. I feel my balls tighten and every nerve in my body is at attention as I pump into her harder and faster, then I feel the explosion of pleasure as every tension in my body lets go.

We lay there motionless for a few minutes.

“That was amazing” She says quietly. I wipe the few strands of hair off her sweat beaded forehead and place a kiss in their place. “It was”

I was ready to go again in 10 minutes. We explored each other’s bodies for hours in different positions; against the bedroom wall, then doggy style, then her on top again, before we collapse on each other. I grab her up in my arms and kiss her softly.

“Good night, Michele”

“Night Joffery”


Sometime through the night, well early morning, I awoke my arm wrapped around her waist with her breast in my hand. Her ass was pressed against my hard on, and as tired as I was, I wanted her again.

I started to gently squeeze her tit and she moaned in her sleep and rubbed her ass against me. I tried again and this made her roll over and face me only to snuggle up against me with her head on my bicep. I started to place kisses on her face, she looked so beautiful sleeping in the moonlight.

I snuck my hand between her thighs and started to softly swipe my finger over her pussy. I kissed her and started nibbling on her bottom lip and she started to come to, kissing me as she was moaning softly. She was already slick with wetness and I covered her body with mine and slid into her. I take turns between kissing her neck and watching her face. We both started breathing heavier while softly moaning and whispering each other’s names. It was such a relaxed pace that I could really feel all of her; I started to feel her muscles start to compress around me.

“Joffery, cum with me”

“Yes, baby” A few more deliberate pumps and I unloaded myself inside of her.

“Joffrey……………… Oh God Yesssssssssss” Her muscles clamped down hard and her body shook. I kissed her again and laid my body on top of hers being careful not to crush her.

I felt her lightly run her nails down my back. We stayed attached like that for awhile, satiated and half asleep.

“Joffrey, baby, wake up……… I need to use the washroom” I can feel her running her fingertips soothingly up my sides trying to wake me. I nod my head “In a minute I’m too comfortable to move”

“Come on baby you need to let me up” I reluctantly unattached us and watched as she walked naked across my room to the ensuite. I laid there waiting patiently and she came back in a few minutes.

“Better now?”


I lifted the sheet and she slid back inside and wrapped herself around me, I held her in my arms while we chatted. Talking with her was easy. I told her about my family, growing up in Alberta, playing hockey and being traded. She told me about her family, growing up and her career. Before I knew it, it was 6am and the alarm on her phone was going off.

“I’ve gotta get going” She said as she kissed me gently before unraveling herself from my body and the sheets. My heart dropped. What the fuck is wrong with you Joff?????

I stayed in bed and watched as she gathered up her clothes, then proceeded to dress. There is something so sexy about watching a women put her clothes on, its so intimate, thrust me I loved taking them off of her and was disappointed to see her go, but this was like a little glimpse of who she really was. How she carefully redressed. I also caught a glimpse of the damage I had done to her beautiful body. I had left my mark that’s for sure.

She caught me watching and smiled “Like what you see?”

“Definitely” I smiled back.

Once she was completely dressed, she tossed me my boxer briefs.

“I really do have to get going”

I let out a huff like a little kid. “Okay, I’ll walk you out……..What are you doing today?”

“Working ‘til 5. You?”

“Working 9-10:30” I smirk at her.

“Must be nice”

“It is”



  1. Well, there's a first time for everything, right? :)
    It's not so much about the sex, but underneath the physical they have this growing connection with each other, like they have an emotional link already. Joffrey seems kind of sweet and sentimental.

  2. WOW that was hot lol
    they are soo cute together
    hopefully they both can commit to a relationship with eachother.

  3. I agree, that was HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!!! lol
    Although this was thier first time (i think) and a random F****, it still felt as if they were friends for so many years and are in love

    ughhhh i wish there were real life stories like this

  4. Mimi, you did amazingly well for your first time writing something like this. Not all of us are brave enough to get past the blushes and nervousness and just put it out there.

  5. I'm happy that everyone seemed to think it was good.

    Elea, Thanks for the great comment, it made my day when I read it.

    To answer Anon, yes it is their first time together. This chapter is from Joffrey's POV the next is from Michele's.

    I'll probably post it in the next day or so. I'm going away for the weekend so hopefully I'll be able to relax and write.


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