Tuesday, May 24, 2011

11. Accidents

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Back to the story...

So I’m throwing a third person into the mix. Just to keep it interesting. I know where this is going it’s just taking me a while to get there. Sorry for being so erratic with the consistency of my posts, hopefully things will cool off with work and I’ll have a little more time to write in the next little while.

Promised you that I'd be true
And now chandeliers are crashing down to the ground
Waitresses drop their trays
Trains derail with passengers

We're causing accidents
Me and you
We're causing accidents
Me and you

Where does a promise go
When you pretend it isn't there?
Do we really think that it could just disappear?

Accidents- Arcade Fire

The game was awesome and we won. We had some real momentum going, and it looked like we had a great chance of making it to the playoffs if we kept this up. A couple of the guys were going out tonight and when Joffrey asked me to join them and go to some club I was less than willing to go.

I would have preferred to just go home, chill and play COD. Joffrey has the reputation of being quite the partier. I knew he was seeing someone now and was apparently “in love for the first time in his life”. But after hearing some of the low end Hollywood types he’s been with in the past, I was a skeptic. How is it that this guy is in town for like 5mins and lands from what I’ve heard an awesome girlfriend? I’ve been here for years and have yet to meet someone worth the effort.

I usually like to go to smaller bars and pubs; I’m not into the whole club seen since I don’t dance, but at least there were some hot numbers here tonight. There were always those girls who recognized you right away when you walked in anywhere. They looked at you like you were already naked and they would be willing to be in a matter of seconds if you snapped your fingers. You just never know who likes you for you and not what you do.

We made our way into the VIP area and some of the guys were already there with their wives, girlfriends or flavors of the night. We stood at the railing looking over the crowd and that’s when I saw her. I didn’t point her out at first. I watched her sitting in a booth with her friends chatting easily and laughing like she was having the time of her life. She looked like a truly happy and friendly person.

I watched her reaction as a song she obviously loved came on and her and a few of the girls she was with got up and sauntered out onto the dance floor. She began to move and my mind went blank, I just watched as her body swayed in time with the rhythm of the music.

Her shirt was the kind that bunched and hung low in the neck like there was too much fabric, when she turned around it was the same only way lower, revealing almost her entire back. It was some sparkly material and she shone like a star as the lights danced off the little shiny pieces that adorned the entire top. I wanted to go down there and run my hand down her spine and feel her close to me.

I’m not the most confident guy to just go out and hit on someone, but I finally talked myself into going to talk to her and decided to point her out to Loops to get a second opinion. That’s when my confidence is crushed when he thinks I’ve pointed to the short girl next to his girlfriend. What are the chances? He must be the luckiest man alive. She is gorgeous, curvy and sexy. I can’t help but feel sorry for her. She thinks she’s dating this great guy but every city we’re in on the road he’s with someone else. Maybe he’s not sleeping with them, that I don’t know, but I’ve seen him in some pretty sleazy situations in the past few weeks. I want to puke at the thought of him touching her milky white skin. But from the marks I’ve seen on his back he’s done a lot more then touch her.

He then gets this cockamamie idea in his head to test her ‘faithfulness’ I guess, and has Boyce hit on her. It blows up in his face and I thought it was hilarious how she played him.

My heart almost stopped when she looked up here at me, I know she was looking for him, but still my stomach lurched into my throat. All of a sudden he grabbed her and she started to grin against him, I was stricken with jealousy and wished it was me.

Then he dragged her out of here. I want to run after them and tell her not to go. That he’s not worth it, he doesn’t care but I’m not that type of guy, I would never go after one of my teammate’s girls, ever. It just figures that the one time I see something I like and it has to belong to someone I know. Not belong as in possession but belong as in something completely unattainable by me.

Darryl comes back looking like he’s seen a ghost.

“Loops is one lucky man”

“How so?” I ask like I don’t already envy the bastard.

“Michele is so fucking hot dude. You think she looks good from here? You should see her up close. Oh man I almost forgot, we’re going to lunch with them tomorrow. Dude you’ll see what I mean, Holy shit” He says as he places his hands in front of his chest insinuating that she has huge tits. I didn’t need to be face to face with her to see that.

“I forgot about lunch tomorrow”

“It’s gonna be good if we get to stare at that the whole time.”

“I’m sure that Loops will love you ogling his girl since he looked like he was going to kick your ass 10 minutes ago for touching her, I wouldn’t get any bright ideas Boyce”

“I’m just saying” He frowned at me then took a swig of his beer.

I finished my beer and decide it was time to head home.

I flop on my bed and try to fall asleep, but it’s useless. She’s invading my brain, taking it over and claiming it as her property.

I lay on my back fingers crossed behind my neck, staring at my ceiling. I have to figure out how I’m going to play it cool at lunch. Maybe she’ll be an airhead or a total bitch and I won’t know what I was thinking.

Yeah, she’ll be such a bitch.

My body is sore when I wake up the next morning from some overly gymnastic sex last night. Joffrey was insatiable and I think we ended up having sex 4 times in the craziest positions.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining. I’m still humming in the afterglow of the continuous multiple orgasms I had, and from the look on Joffrey’s face and the way his hand is travelling slowly down my stomach, we will be having sex again before we have lunch with his teammates.

After our mid morning romp I have a shower and get ready for my meet and greet. I want to make a good impression, I take a little extra time getting ready and I want to look good. I’ve seen some of these guys’ girlfriends and I don’t want to be the ugly duckling.

Joffrey gets out of the shower and I see him in the mirror watching me get ready while he dries himself off. I have to remind myself that we have somewhere to be and to not pay attention to the dampness in my panties. I will definitely have to change those before we leave.

After a quick freshen up we’re getting into Joffrey’s car and heading to Real Sports. I guess it’s central for everyone since most of the guys live downtown.

I’ve been here a hundred times but somehow it feels different this time.

First of all, the hostesses flirt and bat their eyelashes at Joff, while looking like a bunch of Cheshire cats with maniacal smiles as they greet him. It may just be my imagination but he seems to eat up the attention and flirt back with them.

Secondly, it seems strange going into the Players’ lounge, I feel like I don’t belong here. I’m not oblivious to the fact that most of the wait staff is looking at me inquisitively and I get a really uneasy feeling that everyone is sizing me up. It’s probably the fact that, from what I can see, I’m the only girl here. That’s bound to start some talk.

The lounge is so sleek. There’s a huge table with cognac coloured leather a wrap-a-round bench seat facing the enormous 52 foot T.V screen, and a beer tap in the middle of the over sized table. Everything about this place is huge.

It seems like we’re the last ones to show up as the seats are almost full, just enough room for us. I recognize most of them and am intimidated by the guys in front of me.

It’s different when you see them in real life. I know they are just people. I don’t view them as ‘celebrities’ but in Toronto there is nothing and I mean nothing bigger than the Leafs. Here they are larger than life.

I see Clark, Darryl, and Tyler at the end we’re going to sit at and smile in relief. I’m introduced to Colby, Matt, Tim, Phil, Mikhail, Luke and James. They all seem really nice, and I got a great first impression from each of them. I was a little excited meeting Reimer, he’s just a kid but he’s so talented and was really carrying this team through as of late.

Tyler and Phil slide out to let Joff and I in so we’re more central in the group. Tyler slides back in on my left side and Phil beside him. The conversation is full of hockey talk and humor. I was pretty proud of myself for holding my own with these guys. Our server came over and took our drink and food order, I ordered my ‘usual’ Vodka cranberry and Grilled Portobello mushroom sandwich.

We chit chatted while waiting for our food to arrive; I had 2 drinks before it came. Apparently, they were in no rush to have us leave as we we’re drawing quite a crowd. This place was rammed for 1 in the afternoon.

I ended up spending most of my time chatting with Tyler since he was in my immediate vicinity. I learn a lot about him, he was from Regina, had quite the sense of humor, liked country music, and played Call of Duty in his free time. I can’t say that the COD was impressive but he wouldn’t be the last person I’d meet who’d be a gamer. Personally, find video games boring as hell.

We continued to talk throughout eating our lunch. At one point, I felt as though I was there with Tyler on a date, not with Joffrey. In fact, he hadn’t said two words to me since we sat down. I guess I hadn’t really noticed ‘til now.

Joff was talking intently to Clarke when Tyler accidentally bumped my elbow effectively spilling my drink.

“Sorry” he shyly states blushing slightly. I never really noticed how good looking he was until that very minute.

“Don’t worry about it, it was just a splash, not a big deal” I smile at him and begin to pat my napkin on my lap soaking up the spillage.

“Is it going to stain?” He seems to get cuter the more frantic he becomes. Why am I thinking this???

“No, it’s only cranberry juice, it’ll wash right out. Seriously, it’s no big deal” I say as I grab his arm to reassure him. What a mistake. I feel the warmth radiating off his forearm and a surge of.. I don’t know what, but it shocks me. I look away from where are bodies are joined and up into his eyes and it’s like he’s searching mine for something, he felt it too, my body involuntarily shivers and I pull my hand away.

“Babe, are you cold? You’re shivering.” Joffrey asks me, breaking me away from my thoughts.

Now I can’t deny what I felt because he’s confirmed it, to me and to Tyler.

I smile and look at Joffrey. “No, I just spilt my drink and it’s cold.”

I look back down and now it’s my turn to blush as I finish whipping at my pant leg.

“Sorry again about that” he states, leaning over to speak quietly so that only I would hear. I nod in response and look up at him.

“Accidents happen.”


  1. Oooh. I like the curve ball you've thrown here adding Tyler to the story. Looking forward to seeing where you take this. :-)

  2. Nice addition to the story...This is gonna be good....

  3. Ack! I left a long comment and blogger ate it. I will try a shorter one.
    Ever since I heard about Real Sports, I thought it would be a perfect setting for a hockey fanfic. Have you been? I totally want to go there next time I'm in TO and a hockey game is on.
    So Tyler...hmmm...I'll wait and see, we need to get to know him a little better.
    And thanks, go 'Nucks go!

  4. Melting, I go there frequently. Thought funny enough, never during a game.

    It has a great feel, great food. However, is always packed by the "suits" during lunch.
    From what I've been told it is like a night club during a game and usually has a line up around the block.

    You'll love it!

  5. Like this new twist to the story, don't know anything about Tyler but should be interesting finding out.
    On to the Stanley Cup! Go Canucks!

  6. Making it interesting! Joffery better step upnhis game cause I think she might be finding something new! I'm liking the new addition!:)


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